• “Simple Drive” – Our 1st EP is now available

    Since the three of us started Telegraph, we dreamed about this moment so many times... The moment when you know that a part of your story is out in the world, searching for minds and [...]

  • New single out now – Simple Drive

    The blissful dreams Listen, I don’t know what to tell you. How to end all of this? Nothing really makes sense. I didn’t hide anything from you, I’ve been honest since the very beginning. [...]

  • Live : Telegraph @Nouveau Casino – February 7th 2020

    On en a rêvé... et ça y est ! On revient sur scène pour la sortie de notre tout premier EP ! On a trop hâte de vous retrouver pour ce concert qui s'annonce incroyable. [...]


When was the last time you had a pure moment of escape?

Telegraph started with three friends and the wilderness of California. Like in a road movie, their music is like a breath of freedom, inspired by a strong desire to discover the world.

These three fellow travellers take you on a journey, where wild folk music meets the energy of modern rock. Julian’s prose refers to Jack Kerouac’s works and tells you the story of Telegraph, as if taken from a travel diary, relating the band’s adventure, its roots and its setbacks.

Take a chance, break the habits, that’s the story they want to tell.

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