• SIMPLE DRIVE – Chapter One

    SIMPLE DRIVE – Chapter One

    [ENG] So we hit the road again. Rushing into the landscape, rolling the dice, cutting the brakes and drifting away... You get the picture. Well... That's our starting point. And we move forward. At that [...]


When was the last time you had a pure moment of escape?

Telegraph started with three friends, old whiskeys and the wilderness of California. Like in a road movie, their music is like a breath of freedom, inspired by a strong desire to discover the world.

These three fellow travellers take you on a journey, where wild folk music meets the energy of modern rock. Julian’s prose refers to Jack Kerouac’s works and tells you the story of Telegraph, as if taken from a travel diary, relating the band’s adventure, its roots and its setbacks.

Take a chance, break the habits, that’s the story they want to tell.