The blissful dreams

Listen, I don’t know what to tell you. How to end all of this? Nothing really makes sense. I didn’t hide anything from you, I’ve been honest since the very beginning. It’s been a week since we arrived, a week we haven’t started the car, days without writing words on these pages. Everyday we walk to this beach, where it all began. The drizzle is still here, we watch the waves, and that’s enough.

This is the end of our journey… quite far from what we dreamed about, that old fantasy. And now, I can’t figure if all of this is just a disillusion… or a revelation that will change the way things go.
We left the City of Lights that wasn’t so bright to our eyes anymore. We travelled the world to find the City of Angels.

Well… needless to say we did not find them. But you’re right, we did meet some extraordinary people, and the road was somehow winding. This trip will stay in our memories, that’s for sure. We couldn’t see everything, you know, and we didn’t find everything we hoped for. But you have to understand it’s for the best. We had to get lost.

So how can I wrap it up? I’d tell you the first idea was to live this journey simply, avoiding main roads. We just wanted to find a place where nobody would ask anything from us. We were searching for some kind of feeling, something that lasts… perhaps. A simple life, on a simple drive. The impossible, almost.

But, you know… this Thing we got a bit closer to, the one I told you about… Well, sometimes we found it…. the different feeling, the short-lived dream. We felt it a few times, this incredible Thing, this… like a… ah. Fuck it. I lost my train of thought here.

I think you get it.

So we hit the road again. And we move forward

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